Reverse Osmosis

Discover PETSEA RO SW-Y Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

Engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions in marine and industrial environments, the PETSEA RO SW-Y reverse osmosis systems redefine water desalination, setting a new standard in reliability and performance.

Key Features:

Robust Design for Harsh Environments:

Designed to endure the toughest operating conditions, ensuring resilience in marine and industrial settings.

High-Quality Water Standards:

Produces water of the highest quality standards, ranging from 1.8 m3/day to 20 m3/day.


ISO 9001 certified, attesting to the system’s commitment to quality and performance.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

  • Fully automatic operation for user convenience.
  • Simple design for straightforward maintenance.
  • Low maintenance requirements for sustained performance.
  • Frama completely made in polished stainless steel AISI 316, ensuring durability.

High Efficiency:

  • Impressive 98.6% salt rejection rate.
  • Potable water production, meeting stringent quality standards.
  • Option to install an energy recovery system for enhanced efficiency.

Control Panel Pilot Lights:

  • Potable water indicator.
  • Non-potable water indicator.
  • Low feeding pressure alert.
  • Feeding pump failure notification.
  • High-pressure pump failure alert.
  • Feeding pump start/stop switch.
  • High-pressure pump start/stop switch.


  • Mountable on ships or offshore platforms.
  • Customizable size and control options.
  • Various power frequencies available, accommodating diverse environments.
  • Optional remote monitoring for enhanced control.
  • Pre-treatment for all kinds of feeding water, ensuring adaptability.

PETSEA RO SW-Y Reverse Osmosis Systems seamlessly merge durability, efficiency, and adaptability. From robust construction to easy maintenance and high efficiency, this system is engineered to deliver pure, high-quality water in the most challenging environments. Choose PETSEA RO for a reliable solution that meets and exceeds your water desalination needs.

Specifications10/18 SW-Y20/34 SW-Y30/52 SW-Y60/80 SW-Y80/90 SW-Y
Capacity1 – 1.8 m3/day2 – 3.4 m3/day3 – 5.2 m3/day6 – 8 m3/day8 – 9 m3/day
Height675 mm675 mm675 mm750 mm750 mm
Width1.191 mm1.191 mm1.191 mm1.367 mm1.400 mm
Depth260 mm260 mm260 mm340 mm500 mm
Dry Weight55 KG55 KG55 KG107 KG170 Kg
Maximum Power2.8 kW2.8 kW2.8 kW3.5 kW7.3 kW
Potable water production¼”¼”¼”¼”½”
Non-potable water production¼”¼”¼”¼”½”
Larger models up to 5000m3 available

For all units

Minimum salt rejection rate98,6%
Minimum Seawater pressure1 KG/ cm2
Maximum operation pressure70 KG/ cm2
Maximum inlet water pressure6 KG/ cm2
Minimum seawater temperature
Maximum seawater temperature40°
Maximum seawater salinity40.000 PPM TDS
Maximum prefiltration5 Micron particles
Optional maximum prefiltration1 Micron particles