Bilge Oil Separation System

Introducing Our Bilge Oil Separation System

Our Bilge Oil Separation System is engineered for excellence, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards while offering a user-friendly, efficient, and customizable solution for your maritime needs.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Filtration Process: The system pumps contaminated water through strainers and coalescing media, effectively filtering water and collecting oil.
  • Oil Collection and Reservoir: Free oil rises and gathers in a designated reservoir for seamless separation.
  • Pressurized Fresh Water: Utilizing pressurized fresh water, the system efficiently pushes the collected oil to an external tank.
  • Water Filtration and Testing: The final stage includes thorough water filtration and testing, ensuring compliance with required oil content levels before safe discharge overboard.


US Coast Guard/MED certified, IMO MEPC 107(49) approvals, ABS/BV/CCS type approval, Piping & Fabrication to ASME Specifications.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

  • Fully automatic operation for user convenience.
  • Simple design for straightforward maintenance.
  • Self-monitoring capabilities.
  • Very low maintenance requirements, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Continuous performance reporting for operational insights.
  • Heavy-duty industrial marine coating for durability.
  • Factory-installed bronze piping and valves for reliability.


  • Can be mounted onboard ships or offshore platforms.
  • Customizable size and control options.
  • Site-specific optimization available for tailored performance.
  • Supports various power frequencies and voltages.
  • Optional remote monitoring for enhanced control.
  • Stable platform not required, ensuring adaptability to different environments.

High Efficiency:

  • Maximum coalescence and laminar flow for optimal performance.
  • Surpasses international maritime discharge limits.
  • Minimal power requirements and a small compact size for space efficiency.

Optional Features:

  • Superyacht configuration for luxury vessels.
  • Stainless steel construction and installation for enhanced durability.
  • Commissioning and training options available.

Our Bilge Oil Separation System is not just a solution; it’s a commitment to high standards, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. With a focus on easy operation, low maintenance, and adaptable design, this system is poised to exceed your expectations and industry requirements. Choose excellence with our Bilge Oil Separation System, where innovation meets reliability.

SpecificationBoss 2.2TBoss 5TBoss 11TBoss 25TBoss 45T
Capacity0,50 m3/hr1,13 m3/hr2.5 m3/hr5,68 m3/hr10,22 m3/hr
Height1.220 mm1.420 mm1.830 mm1.880 mm2.030 mm
Width660 mm710 mm910 mm1.020 mm1.370 mm
Depth1.070 mm1.170 mm1.520 mm1.980 mm2.440 mm
Dry weight318 KG386 KG680 KG1.135 KG1.816 KG
Activated Carbon Media charge27 KG50 KG114 KG227 KG454 KG
Organoclay charge42 KG84 KG166 KG331 KG662 KG

For all Units

IMO MEPC Compliance107(49)
Test Pressure3 KG/M2
Operating Pressure1 KG/M2
Operating Temperature Range5 -60 C
Maximum Free Oil Concentration35%
Maximum Fluid “C” Oil Concentration (with filter)6%
Oil in Water Discharge with THP< 15 ppm
Maximum Turbidity for Accurate THP Reading 35 NTU
Design Negative Inlet Head3 m
Positive Inlet Head Design Pressure1KG/M2
Level SensorConductance
PumpCentrifugal, St. St. Housing
Coalescing MediaPolypropylene/HPDE
Piping and Manual ValvesBronze / Red Brass
Vessel MetallurgyMarine Coasted Carbon Steel
Coating SpecificationEpoxy / Urethane
Hazardous Area ClassificationNema 4X or Class I Div II
Three Phase Power Options400V, 460V and 600V
Frequency50 or 60 Hz