Introducing PETFROST Germicidal Water Production System

Ensure the safety and longevity of your fresh products with PETFROST, a revolutionary food safety system designed to significantly reduce bacterial loads through the power of sterile water with germicidal properties. PETFROST merges advanced water treatment, advanced oxidation processes, and a patented triple-reactor recirculation system to accomplish its mission effectively.

Key Technologies:

  • Advanced Water Treatment: Elevate your food safety standards with cutting-edge water treatment technology.
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes: Harness the power of advanced oxidation for thorough bacterial reduction.
  • Triple-Reactor Recirculation: PETFROST introduces a proprietary triple-reactor recirculation system, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and effectiveness.


PETFROST is adaptable to a variety of industries and products, including Fish, Shellfish, Bivalves, Cephalopods, Meat, and Poultry. Its versatile applications include:

  • Washing of fresh products
  • Cleaning of processing equipment
  • Sanitizing packing materials
  • Production of germicidal liquid ice
  • Generation of germicidal flake ice
  • Creation of germicidal mist for storage rooms


 PETFROST delivers comprehensive reductions in both pathogenic germs and bacteria, ensuring the safety and quality of your products.


  • Extended Freshness: Products remain fresh for longer durations.
  • Increased Trade Routes: Achieve substantial increases in the trade route of vacuum-packaged and atmospherically amended products.
  • Versatility: Applicable across a range of seafood and meat products.
  • Low Operational Costs: Cost-effective solution for food safety.
  • Harmless for Human Consumption: Tested and approved by reputable institutions, including the Marine Products Technology Centre, CETMAR, and Analytic Center Miguez & Muinos.

PETFROST not only enhances the safety of your food products but also extends their shelf life, offering economic benefits and peace of mind. Trust in the tested and approved efficacy of PETFROST for a reliable and advanced germicidal water production solution.

SpecificationsPetfrost Model 3.0Petfrost Model LT 5.0Petfrost Model LT 7.0
Capacity3 m3/hr5 m3/hr7 m3/hr
Height1.615 mm2.150 mm2.150 mm
Width880 mm880 mm880 mm
Depth1.130 mm1.130 mm1.130 mm
Dry Weight350 KG400 KG400 KG
Produced water ozone concentration900 mV1.050 mV1.050 mV
Freshwater inlet1”1¼”1¼”
Seawater inlet1″N/AN/A
Maximum inlet pressure3 bar3 bar3 bar
Germicidal water pressure3-4 bar3-4 bar3-4 bar
Feeding air pressure7 bar7 bar7 bar
Power consumption6kW6kW6kW
Noise level75dB80dB85dB
Application fieldOffshoreShoreShore

For all Units

Micrometric FiltrationAll
Sand FiltrationLT 5.0/7.0
Carbon FiltrationLT 5.0/7.0
Three phase power options400V, 460V and 600V
Frequency50 or 60 Hz