Odour Filtration

Introducing HMSA Odour Filtration: Breathe Clean, Sail Fresh! 🌬️⚓️

Tackling odours head-on, our HMSA Odour Filtration product is designed to revolutionize air quality in waste water treatment plants. Strategically placed filters capture and neutralize odours, ensuring a breath of fresh air for your vessel.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Odour Capture:

Placed strategically to capture odours released during the operation and venting of dirty water treatment plants.

  • Self-Breathable Technology:

Our Odour filters are self-breathable, providing an active solution for controlling odours emanating from waste water treatment plants.

  • Versatile Application:

Tailored for Luxury Yachts and Inland Cruise Vessels, but adaptable for every type of ship.

How it Works:

Odours from wastewater treatment plants can be a challenge, especially through the venting process. Our filters neutralize these odours by capturing and effectively eliminating them as they pass through.


  • Enhanced air quality for vessel occupants.
  • Improved working conditions for crew members.
  • Tailored for the unique needs of Luxury Yachts and Inland Cruise Vessels.
  • Applicable across a diverse range of ships.

HMSA Odour Filtration: Where luxury meets functionality, ensuring a voyage filled with freshness. Contact us to explore how our odour control solutions can elevate your onboard experience! ⛴️✨