Gray Water Treatment

Elevate Grey Water Management with Our Advanced Grey Water Treatment System

Embark on a new era of grey water treatment tailored for the unique demands of SuperYachts, Fishing Vessels, Offshore Vessels, and platforms. Our Grey Water Treatment system is a strategic response to the challenges posed by extreme peak loads of grey water production in high-use scenarios.

Key Challenges:

  • Extreme peak loads during simultaneous crew showering and continuous laundry activities.
  • Grey water often contains strong detergents and disinfectants, harmful to standard sewage treatment plants.
  • Black and grey water are distinct streams, warranting separate treatment.

Our Solution: Grey Water Treatment System

Tailored for Peak Loads:

Engineered to handle extreme peak loads in water production, ensuring efficient treatment even during simultaneous high-demand activities.

Detergent-Friendly Design:

Accommodates the presence of strong detergents and disinfectants commonly found in grey water, preventing harm to sewage treatment plants.

Separate Treatment Logic:

Recognizing the distinct nature of black and grey water, our system implements separate treatment processes, ensuring optimal handling.


Discharge pump, Pulse-Pause control system, multi-stage filtration, and a specially designed UV sterilizer reactor for final treatment.

Pulse-Pause Discharge System:

Facilitates batch-controlled transfer of collected grey water, passing through filtration and UV treatment before discharge overboard, into holding tanks, or other designated options.

Pressure Gauge Monitoring:

Each filtration step is equipped with a pressure gauge, providing real-time insights into the system’s performance.

Why Choose Our Grey Water Treatment System:

  • Tailored for high-demand scenarios.
  • Detergent-friendly design.
  • Recognizes the unique nature of grey water for separate treatment.
  • Comprehensive components for effective grey water management.

Step into the future of grey water treatment. Explore the efficiency and environmental consciousness of our Grey Water Treatment system designed for peak performance.