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The new design Biological Sewage water treatment system is based on simple and reliable principles. Combined with our vast experience in the sewage water handling and treatment this resulted in the compact and easy to maintain MSD-II series.

Our biomass (bacteria) is attached to a carrier medium, meaning there are no active sludge parts floating or circulating in the treatment tank.

This results in a very simple and reliable process, independent of clarifiers and sludge return systems. There are no strainers, sludge return pumps, clarifiers or airlifts needed. Thereby our FASTR system (Fixed Activated Sludge Technology) offers a reliable system with a minimum of maintenance!

The biomass will easily survive a week without fresh sewage entering the system. Also change of salinity (in ports or rivers) does not influence the performance.

Sludge removal is a simple and clean job, that can be done within 15 minutes, by simple operating the valves and use of the installed discharge pump.

Standard calculation provides at least 3 months sludge buffer, but in practice (depending on specific on board situation) this can some times be even 6 months interval.

Certificate of Type Approval and EC Type Examination (Module B) Certificate for the MSD-III series Advanced Waste Water Treatment unit from Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Docket No. USCG-2015-0960
MED Module B 159(55)
Original Lloyd's TA 159(55)  


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